Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Shower

First of all, I wanted to give everyone an update on Ben...........he made it through his open heart surgery and is actually already at home recovering (and doing GREAT)!!! Thank you for all your prayers!

On January 30th two of my best friends, Lindsay and Debra Jo, held a baby shower for me! They did such a GREAT job. It was so much fun!!

Thank you Linds and D-Jo, I appreciate all your hard work. You guys are awesome and I love you so much! Thanks for being such great friends!

Thank you to everyone else who helped with the shower too:) I appreciate you all so much!

Here are some pics...
The yummy food!

The ADORABLE diaper cake (that must have taken forever to make!) Thank you so so much!

Lindsay, me, and Debra Jo

me and Debra Jo

me and Lisa

my Mom and I

my sister and I

Nani (my Grandma) and I

The cute bedding my Mom and Nani gave me!

The clothes line filled with adorable outfits from everyone! Such a cute idea you guys!

Jodi, Debra Jo, Lindsay, Jenny, Cassie
Christy, and Kelly

I can't thank you guys enough for such an AWESOME baby shower!! It meant so much to me!