Monday, November 15, 2010

Look who's crawling...

I have to apologize, I know it has been WAY too long since I have blogged, but somehow the time always gets away from me and before I know it.....8 months have passed!!! That's right, my little guy is 8 MONTHS OLD!!!!! How did that happen??? It seems like just yesterday we welcomed little Hudson Luc into our family and yet at the same time, it seems like he has always been here and I can't imagine life without him.


height: 28 in +

weight: 18 lbs +

eating habits: breast/bottle feeding and eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Seriously wondering if it is time to stop breastfeeding. Torrey's friend and his wife stopped by yesterday and she was holding Hudson. He took one look at her chest, smiled, and then started pounding his little chubby hands up and down on her chest. AWK-WARD. We all just laughed.) Breakfast = fruit and oatmeal. Lunch = mixed veggies + a grain of some sort (rice, pasta, etc.) and more fruit. Dinner = other half of lunch and we have recently introduced meats....ewwww. (I for one, think that baby food meats are SO gross, but he likes them and that's all that matters I guess.)

sleeping habits: sleeps like a champ! HALLELUJAH!!! Bedtime has recently moved up to around 8-8:30pm and he sleeps until 6:30-7:30am. He has really been a good sleeper since the start (aside from when we went out of town when he was 3 months old and paid the price for the next 3 WEEKS after we returned home. Going on vacation is seriously over-rated after you have kids. Just kidding.....well, sort of). I give a lot of the credit to his sound machine. A.K.A. - my bff. It has a "womb" setting on it that I turn on for him at night and during the day while he is napping and he loves it!! It is so nice because I can lay him down while he is still awake and it helps him fall asleep on his own. It has also helped him to learn how to sleep through the little everyday noises that go on throughout the house like the phone ringing, the vacuum going, and Marley barking her head off!!! On a side note, we just had to lower his crib, which makes him feel so much more like a "big boy" and less like a baby to me :( . On another side note, he SNORES!!! Like an old man! It's usually only when he his sleeping in his car seat, but it's pretty funny.

clothing: 6-12 months

diapers: size 4

teeth: still NON-EXISTANT!!! Aside from the fact that I love love love his little gummy smile and as cute as I think he is with no teeth, I really wish they would make an appearance sometime soon because he has been "teething" for months now!! And it stinks!

nicknames: duck, ducky, luc-luc (pronounced luke-luke), little guy

milestones: "talks" a ton, especially when we are in the car, sits up on his own, usually rolls or scoots to where he wants to go, officially crawled this past week!!!

fun facts: He usually likes to be held facing outwards. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES music! Current favorite songs include the Spookley the Square Pumpkin soundtrack and the little jingle from that Southwest Airlines commercial, haha. He loves to watch Spookley the Square Pumpkin, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the Baby Einstein DVD's. He thinks that Marley's tail wagging is quite possibly the funniest thing he has ever seen. He hates (and I mean HATES) having his face wiped off after he eats, which I have come to hate too because he makes such a scene about it that if we are out people turn around and look at me like I am pinching him or something. When he cries he rolls his tongue on the roof of his mouth. We call it "the helicopter" and it's hilarious (mainly because it is something most adults can't even do and he does it PERFECTLY)! His favorite toys include his binky with the giraffe attached, "sophie" his teething giraffe, elmo, and his dragonfly or frog. He loves his jumperoo! He loves it when I read to him :)

Hudson, I love you to pieces!!!!

I can't get enough of this little face! He sticks his tongue out when he gets really excited and I think its so stinkin cute!!!