Monday, March 14, 2011

Hudson's PAR-TAY!!!

We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party for Hudson
on Saturday March 12th.
THANK YOU to all those who came to help us celebrate!!!
(and THANKS for all the cool gifts!! you guys are WAY too generous!
we really appreciate it!)

the birthday boy!

mommy and hudson

daddy and hudson

aunt christy and uncle brandon

mike and lindsay (aka - the chippa)


jeff, holly, and alyssa

dad (with his "hudson" t shirt on) and torrey

Hudson was sooo funny eating his cake. In the beginning he did not want to use his hands so he would just bend forward and nibble of the corner. It was SO CUTE!!!


By the end he was much more comfortable using his hands to mush the cake around!

Hudson's nickname is duck. He LOVES ducks. This was a little pink duck (that Tyson refers to as a "sister duck") that Hudson got from the Bordens. He loves it!!!

A duck humidifier from grammy and grandpa!! (This is his second one already. Long story...)

all the kiddos (tyson, alyssa, hudson, and emmett)

Thanks again everyone! It was a blast!!!


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debrajo said...

He's a cute kid! It was a fun party, and the decorations were adorable. We're glad he likes his sister duck. : )