Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!

On March 11, 2011
our little guy turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!

March 11, 2011

What a big boy!

This is him giving me a kiss from across the room! SOOO CUTE!

Hudson and I went to the zoo with some friends for his birthday! Debra Jo brought her two little boys Tyson and Emmett, and Whitney brought Garrison and Delaney. Other than the fact that we were practically attacked by bees at lunch and it was VERY warm outside for the middle of March, we had a blast!!!

Emmett and Hudson (they are 6 months apart)

This pic was taken at the sting ray pool. We got to pet sting rays!!! I didn't know that sting rays liked to be pet, but it was fun!! I tried to let Hudson have a chance to pet them, but his little arms just wouldn't reach. He did enjoy splashing his hands around in the water though. :)

I didn't get as many pictures of all the animals like I did last time, but those were just a few neat shots.

(ps - I promise I don't go to the zoo all that often, but this is what happens when I don't blog for 6 months. You end up getting two zoo posts back to back. Oh well.)

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debrajo said...

LOL! It's HILARIOUS that you have zoo posts back to back!!! But, I love it! And Hudson doesn't care that the posts are back to back. In fact, it makes the blog flow better. If I left it up to my kids, we would be at the zoo EVERY DAY. Tyson wanted to go the next day, but I was just so exhausted, it wasn't even an option. : )

And Hudson likes to go outside. He just enjoys it. He's so cute. Happy B-Day, Hudson!